Opening Reception for ‘Emerging Moment’

Friday night was our opening reception for the Emerging Moment exhibit, showcasing the works of artists Martha Weber and Andris Piebalgs, both from Toronto.

The mixture of photography, technology, and a variety of diptych and triptych paintings were interspersed throughout the gallery, as the abstraction and photographic realism really muddled together.

As well as through dance performances and interactive touchscreens, the artists also suggested the memories of our “sudden connections to a wholly other” may be revealed through art.

This resulted in a crucial role of the human body to the artworks – whether they were naked with raw emotion or in carefree movement.

The paintings by Martha Weber used a variety of media and colours that had such a 3D presence you felt immersed within their textures.

What was the overall message? The artists’ focus on our unconscious minds as where these fleeting moments with spiritual forces frequent could parallel the psychologist Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious.

Jung believed all humans inherit a transcendental impersonal library of information, which basically points humankind in the right direction. He saw religious experiences as linked to the experience of these innate natures of the collective unconscious.

Through the mixed media and tunnelling photography, we are invited to delve into our minds to find these transcendent moments, in the hopes of emerging back on track and with a sense of psychic wholeness.

The photographs draw the spectator’s eye into the picture

Emerging Moment is on now until the end of September at Twist Gallery, 1100 Queen Street West. Hours: Tues-Sat 11-6.