Output - Spring at Twist Gallery

This month at Twist Gallery we are proud to be featuring photographic work by alumni of Humber College’s renowned Creative Photography Program. The diversity of approaches to photography is quite broad and each artist has done a stunning job of putting their own twist on the conventions of photography.

 In the spirit of the annual CONTACT photography festival that spans across Toronto for the month of May, we have focused this month’s exhibit on photography. It is an interesting time in the world of photography as the tools needed to experiment with photography are now readily available to almost everyone. Almost all mobile devices these days now have built-in cameras to utilize, many more people have their own camera, and quality has become evermore affordable. Social media has also opened the door for the masses to photography, with apps like Instagram that allow anyone to have a chance to develop their own photographic style.

Last month’s exhibition “Reverie” featured the portfolios of photographic work by students graduating from Humber’s Creative Photography Program this year. If you checked it out you would have seen the works of talented emerging photographers. It is interesting to see where the artists in this month’s exhibit are at in their photographic journey knowing they too were once curating their own portfolios for graduation. We invite you to experience the work that these alumni have produced in their artistic journey since their graduation from Humber’s Creative Photography Program.