Welcome to 2017

It’s that time of year again. January is the start of a new year and new adventures. Every year we all want to start our blank canvases with a shiny new coat of paint to achieve that end goal. But with our eyes on the prize and the steady stream of every day life- how can we achieve all our resolutions for the new year?

Mark Rothko,  Untitled (Black on Grey) , 1970

Mark Rothko, Untitled (Black on Grey), 1970

Abstract Expressionism is a 20th century movement in art that focused on using abstraction to invoke a sense of emotion for the viewer. Rather than looking at a painting, a viewer is invited to experience a painting. With large-scale works like Rothko’s Untitled (Black on Grey), 1970 and Pollock’s Autumn Rhythm (Number 30), 1950 it’s easy to see how one might find themselves lost in thought, transfixed by the meditative quality of the paint.

Jackson Pollock,  Autumn Rhythm (Number 30) , 1950

Jackson Pollock, Autumn Rhythm (Number 30), 1950

So how can we better achieve our goals and find that perfect work-life balance for 2017? Slow down. Abstract art’s contemplative expressiveness can help us train our minds to relax, enabling us to better focus our attention and really take on our goals. Relaxing your mind, body, and soul is key for success. And what better food for the soul is there than art?

At Twist Gallery, we want to see you set new intention for this year. We change our exhibits every month so there is always something new to experience and something new to learn. January features several abstract artists and we have a whole year of exciting art to look forward to in 2017. Make time for art. Make time for you.   

Detail of Liv Collins,  For You , 2017 (on exhibit at Twist Gallery until Jan 27)

Detail of Liv Collins, For You, 2017 (on exhibit at Twist Gallery until Jan 27)

Catherine Harasymiw,  Cosmos A; Cosmos B  (on exhibit at Twist Gallery until Jan 27)

Catherine Harasymiw, Cosmos A; Cosmos B (on exhibit at Twist Gallery until Jan 27)