Meet Elena Dinissuk!

Elena Dinissuk is a painter who works out of her home studio in Mississauga, ON. Elena has always felt like an artistic soul; she took to painting later in life, and is constantly working on perfecting her technique. Elena’s main medium is acrylic. She likes acrylic due to its vibrancy and versatility. She started by painting landscapes inspired by Ontario’s outdoors, and has since branched out to abstract works. This has taken her to a new direction. 

“Sunlight Through a Foggy Forest” acrylic on wood, (12”x 16”) $220

“Sunlight Through a Foggy Forest” acrylic on wood, (12”x 16”) $220

Elena uses acrylic gels and modeling paste to add opaque and transparent layers, as well as texture, to her work. Her style is distinct and memorable, with paintings containing movement, flow and positive energy. Elena enjoys painting by palette knife (pictured below), and teaches her technique to art schools when invited.

A palette knife (source: Pexels)

A palette knife (source: Pexels)

Elena is proud to say that she’s been participating in art shows and exhibits since 2017. Both her landscapes and abstract works have been featured in juried exhibitions. Elena has twice participated in the prestigious Paint Ontario, at the Lambton Heritage Museum. She later went on to be included in the Impact 2018 Juried Show and Overzealous 2018, both at Neilson Park Creative Centre in Etobicoke. Elena has also been included in group gallery shows in Propeller Gallery, and Artusiasm Gallery. She has also participated in art shows in Mississauga, and in Riverdale Artwalk 2019.

Elena with her work. You can follow her @lenadv_ art and #lenadv_ art

Elena with her work. You can follow her @lenadv_art and #lenadv_art

Elena strives to promote joy and peace through her work, while making people think and feel.

Dinissuk’s latest collection at Twist!

It highlights air, water, and earth elemental energy! The earth energy is warm and grounding, the water energy is rejuvenating, and the air energy is clean and fresh. 

“My paintings are inspired by landscapes. Sometimes I incorporate all three of these elements, sometimes I concentrate on only one.”

-Elena Dinissuk

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