Exclusively at Twist Gallery - The Northside Series by Patrick Skals

Hey Toronto! Remember when the Raptors made basketball history in the 6ix smashing records, defying expectations and winning it all!? We do too. ☺️ 🏀 🎨

And we are thrilled to share with you an exclusive series created by Patrick Skals.

The Northside Series

“The limited-edition series celebrates the beautiful mayhem and unadulterated jubilation that ensued following the Toronto Raptors odds-defying championship.


“Inspired by graffiti that embroiders the city streets, by the introspective rawness of Jean-Michel Basquiat and the history-making ‘Northside’ Raptors – the series is loud, energetic and unapologetic


“The mixed media paintings embody the city and country’s’ collective passion using abstract symbolism, emotionally charged colours and urban-inspired composition. It is meant to be conceptual versus a literal interpretation of the championship.”

-Patrick Skals

“0.9 seconds” 2019; mixed media on canvas (48 x 60”); $1,900

“0.9 seconds” 2019; mixed media on canvas (48 x 60”); $1,900

“paint the town red” 2019; mixed media on canvas (48 x 60”); $1,900

“paint the town red” 2019; mixed media on canvas (48 x 60”); $1,900

“midnight marauders” 2019; mixed media on canvas (48 x 60”); $1,900

“midnight marauders” 2019; mixed media on canvas (48 x 60”); $1,900

About the Artist

Patrick Skals is a multi-disciplinary artist from Toronto. His work is inspired by ground-breaking artists and the vivacity of urban life. He draws audiences in with engaging colours and stimulating composition. 

Patrick’s style is distinctive, spirited and curated to provoke reverie and mindful reflection.

His work can be found at juried shows, galleries and private collections throughout Canada, United States and the UK.

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