5 Tips for Finding Inspiration This Fall

As summer begins to wind down and the bright, vibrant scenery begins to change--finding inspiration can serve to be challenging. However, here are some easy, great tips to engage in creative practices that can act as a catalyst for inspiration this upcoming fall.

1. First and foremost, keep creating. I know this is easier said than done, especially when you’re creatively blocked, but committing to at least 15 minutes a day (a simple sketch, or a quick doodle on your commute home) you’re bound to solidify a creative habit that can lead to something bigger. 


2. Make a list or journal. Inspiration can come from anywhere and the physical act of writing down your thoughts can give a big push for ideas to flow in. 

3. De-clutter: Clearing out your workspace is a great way to feel inspired again! (Think how great a clean, organized room feels after a hectic week. Similarly, cleaning your materials for a crisp page in a brand-new sketchbook or canvas can encourage inspiration.


4. Take a walk-in nature:  Some would argue, fall is the best season of the year for artistic inspiration due to the ambiance of overcast skies, crunchy colourful leaves and the coziness of sweater-weather. These themes are a great mood setter for your work.


5. Visit your favorite art gallery for inspiration. There are always great, upcoming exhibitions that can provoke thought and embolden your process. Twist Gallery is a perfect location to get your creative juices flowing and it’s free to the public. Hope to see you there this fall!

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