Meet Tanmay Upadhyaya!

Who is Tanmay Upadhyaya?

Source: @tanmay.art

Source: @tanmay.art

“I'm a Toronto based marketer, passionately in love with colours. My venture into the joys of merging colours with canvas only began very recently. I look forward to seeing where this new voice for expression will lead. I enjoy creating abstract art - using acrylics primarily - and try to evoke a sense of beauty and inspiration through the interactions between colours as they find their place on the canvas. I endeavour to create pieces that produce the same passion for colours in others that I have always felt.”

What are you passionate about?

“54 Shades of Happiness”, acrylic on canvas (32 x 48”), $600

“54 Shades of Happiness”, acrylic on canvas (32 x 48”), $600

I LOVE LOVE LOVE colours. They make me happy, energize me and inspire me. My lifelong love for colours started quite early in my childhood. I grew up in a culture that is very colour-centric and that affected my sensibilities in the most positive way. My work on display at Twist Gallery screams COLOUR. I have employed bold, vibrant colours in a congrous manner, laid on the canvas using non-traditional painting tools. All my pieces also explore order in chaos. There is a sense of controlled randomness.”

What does ‘Energy’ mean to you?

“And a Very Good Evening to You Too Mr. Rothko”, acrylic on canvas (32 x 48”), $600

“And a Very Good Evening to You Too Mr. Rothko”, acrylic on canvas (32 x 48”), $600

“Energy, to me, is the invigorating power of colours. Colours have immense transformative powers and are capable of affecting our moods and general well being. I hope that my work is able to channel this energy and help people feel the joy.”

Energy at Twist

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