meet our catering company




Gusto's got all of your culinary bases covered. Offering a selection of tried-and-true Gusto favourites alongside seasonally-inspired and globally-influenced creations, they’ve got something for every occasion.



It’s simple, we just do it differently. We will not be contained by our restaurant walls, we are bringing our flavours to the people. Southern Italian at heart but totally inspired by bold global flavours, Gusto 54 Catering has one single mission: to curate an awesome food experience.



Gusto 101 is the exclusive catering company Twist works with for each and every one of our events. They never disappoint! When planning an event, we work closely alongside Gusto and our clients to curate a unique menu fit specifically for your event. Tastings are offered during the planning process to ensure we are able to create the perfect menu for you!