Jane Orr Novotny


My artwork is comprised of a mixture of styles, subjects and media.  The landscapes are from places I have visited, mostly wilderness areas.  The still life works may be from an arrangement that has caught my eye on my travels or even found in my own backyard. I enjoy the process of manipulating the medium whether it be paint or pastel on paper and canvas. As I am painting, I am reliving my experience of being in that place all over again. I endeavour to give each work a mood through the use of colour and light. The majority of my works are meant to entertain the viewer and show them the wonderful spaces and objects we have to enjoy. I paint because I find it fun and I get a great deal of enjoyment from it. I hope my paintings in all their various styles will captivate and entertain the viewer.

The abstracts are a new addition to my portfolio. I quite enjoy the looseness and spontaneity of abstract. I have included several quotes of unknown source which sum up abstract painting from my point of view.

'I believe you can never really learn how to abstract paint. It is just something you do. In other words there is no destination - no finish line - you will always be learning and discovering as you go.'

'You don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going.'


Toronto, Canada