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I am fascinated by forsaken spaces: structures whose longevity has defied their purpose; sites reclaimed by nature, time, and the boundaries of ruin. I discover and photograph these places in reverence of their former significance, and to uncover the beauty that remains beneath the decay.

I seek locations with historical value, lost to the vagaries of passing trends and time. Unconventional aesthetics draw my focus: aged, broken, corroded, and desolate constructs. Recurring themes within my images are the contrasts of transience/permanence, deterioration/renewal, and abandonment/reclamation.

I employ a practice akin to found art, appropriating found places in a similar manner. I strive to capture the scenes faithfully and undisturbed; my technique favors wide-angle perspectives and natural lighting to convey vicarious presence. Utilizing the scale of the final prints, my hope is to evoke a sense of distressed grandeur and intimate emptiness. Any image manipulation is done with intent and obvious effect to communicate a particular visual statement.

Ultimately, I endeavor to document spaces that were once purposefully occupied by multitudes, but now only serve to occupy the imagination of the observer. Perhaps my own struggles with mortality are partially appeased by demonstrating artistry in dereliction and purpose in obsolescence.


Toronto, Canada