Sidra Syed


Sidra Syed's fine art work seeks to provoke reflection on the very existence of human life. She works in both analog and digital photography, as well as digital image manipulation to convey an ethereal message that she believes to be both extremely valuable, and ineffable in its nature: transcendence. She deals with the idea of existence as a collective human consciousness, with her work showing influences of geometry, astronomy, minimalism, impressionism, and conceptualism.

After perfecting her technical skills at Seneca College in 2009, she re-focused her efforts into an allegorical narrative space and has been exploring a poetic form of photography since then. Sidra Syed is approaching her fourth year in the field and is currently both a Photographer and Artist in the Greater Toronto Area.


Toronto, Canada


2013 Creatures Collective Gallery
1000 Prints
Collective Showcase

2012 Gallery 1313
Eco Art Show
Collective Showcase

2011 44 Wide Gallery
Figure & Ground
The 256 Shades of Gray Collective Showcase
Toronto Contact Photography Festival