Abstraction: An Exploration into the Unknown

When one thinks of abstract art generally what comes to mind is a broad art style for which no rules apply. When an artist embarks on an abstract project it does grant them a great deal of artistic freedom however some rules do apply. Colour, line, shape and form must all be present and there must be very little indication of a visual reference to real-world objects.

Abstract art came about in the early 19th century when artists were gaining more artistic freedom and the ability to make a living out of their art due to the public’s growing interest in art and the diminishing need for artists to depend on the church for business. This caused artists to leave behind the artistic ideals that lingered since the renaissance in which art’s main goal seemed to be to imitate as closely as possible real life settings and to represent three-dimensional perspectives. Rather, artists began incorporating styles derived from Romanticism, Expressionism and Impressionism and began an exploration into the unknown.

This month we invite you to experience how a handful of talented Canadian artists have continued that exploration into abstraction through a variety of mediums in A Departure from Reality: The Abstract Collective.