KINO SPACE: Artist Feature

Kino Space is currently on at Twist for the month of September. The show consists of several artists who work in the film industry with a diverse background in photography, painting and mixed media works. KINOSPACE began as a way for artists working in the film industry to get out of their working studio environments and create and collaborate together.  

This week we’d like to take a closer look at Shari Lee Hollis’s work and her process behind it. Shari creates large scale oil paintings on wood. Her work is inspired by personal notes to self, and things we need to remind ourselves of. A particular standout piece of hers in the show is three wood panels titled 'Let Go or Be Dragged'. Shari says this piece evolved from the idea of human nature’s pattern to often repeat a behaviour over and over hoping for a different outcome when what we really need to do is just let go for change or to move forward, saying that “sometimes we need a fix foot painting with a relevant message to push us forward!”

Shari was kind enough to share some images of work in progress.

Kino Space runs until September, so be sure to come by the gallery to see this and more in person.