Artist Profile: Gene Tempelmeyer

They say that smell is one of the most powerful senses, that it will bring up clear memories you haven't thought about in a while. For artist Gene Tempelmeyer, coffee and turpentine bring back the memory of his mother painting.

"My mother was an artist and took her art seriously. However, as a stay-at-home mom in a rural area in the 50's and 60's, she did not have a great deal of opportunity to express that. She gave us lessons as a way to keep us busy while she painted," says Gene, who is showcasing his work at Twist art gallery this September in a show entitled Watercolour and Modern Landscape.

In large part due to his mother's influence, Gene continued painting through high school, teaching himself almost everything he knows. However, he stopped for about 25 years after entering his career.

"[But] In 2003 I was inspired by a wall in Mexico to gather some art supplies and paint again. As soon as one canvas was finished I started another. Gradually people began to ask if they could buy a painting, and I began selling."

Gene's work is strongly influenced by the post-impressionists, as he likes his materials to be evident to the audience - as his mother used to say, "If you want a photograph, buy a camera."

Recently, Gene's landscapes have moved to more colourful interpretations. The pieces going in the show may be of the traditional Ontario landscape but the execution of these scenes is anything but traditional; you will see iconic locations with splatters of colourful paint or vibrate pallets livening up typical picturesque scenes. Gene calls the style "Tom Thompson on acid."

The works will be available for purchase through the show in September in a wide variety of sizes and prices. Come pay these beautiful pieces a visit and possibly take one home so that your home is a little warmer - and much more colourful - in the Ontario winter.