Yoga in an Art Gallery

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On Wednesday May 22nd we had the pleasure of having Alyssa Pawlak come into the gallery and teach a Hatha Flow Yoga class right here in our space! We could not have asked for a better turn out as everyone who attended was ready to start and thoroughly impressed with the session. The group enjoyed a refreshing yoga class surrounded by some beautiful landscape photography from “The Walk Through Nature” exhibit. Luckily for the beginners, Alyssa led a beginners class which everyone was able to take part in and enjoy.

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This was our first but definitely not last class, fortunately we are having Alyssa come back on Tuesday May 28th at 12pm to teach another one of her great Hatha Flow Yoga classes and we are so excited. Everyone is invited meaning you and your friends can come! Just dm us on instagram @twistgallery to reserve your spot today.