3 Reasons to Add Artwork to Your Work Space / Office

By Twist Gallery


Art can certainly energize a room in your home, add a touch of ambience to your next cocktail party and even be the perfect gift to a dear friend. But what about art and your workspace? Sometimes we focus so much on the “work” of work, that we forget we spend loads of time in these settings. A work space should be considered a second living space. And whether it be your home office, your company’s break-room or just a personal cubicle; art can impact your workspace for the better. 

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Below are Twist Gallery’s 3 reasons to add art to your office. Enjoy!



🖼 📊 Art Inspires.

Art has the power to open your mind and affect your thoughts. Remember the last time you saw an inspirational post on Instagram? Remember how the image made you see things more clearly? Or maybe it gave you the opportunity to consider a situation from an alternative perspective? Contemplating art and reflecting on a vibrant or powerful piece can lead to innovation at work. For example, consider The Northside Series limited edition collection by Patrick Skals below.

paint the town red.JPG

"Paint the Town Red" mixed media on canvas (48"x 60") $1,900

His work evokes chaos, jubilation, intense passion and symbiotic conflict. The mixed media calls attention to Toronto’s mixed landscapes and neighbourhoods, while the entire canvas promotes unity and a sense of place. The piece reflects city history in the eyes of the artist. Imagine putting this in one of your company’s group-work settings. Just think of all the ideas people could envision when staring at this overwhelming piece.

🖼📉 Art can reflect your company’s brand and character. 


Modern consumers are learning about companies, including yours, more than ever. People really like getting to know their favourite brands. The brands’ uniqueness is probably what attracted consumers in the first place. So why not let your freak flag fly with a funky and vibrant piece? Also, work culture is changing and evolving to allow for more self-expression at the office. Maybe a Velvet Elvis is the perfect way to tell you co-workers or customers that you love rock and roll?! Or better yet, take a look at the work of Jessica Robbins.


"Bowie" acrylic on canvas (12"x 24") $250

Ziggy Stardust is iconic and sensational. This work tells a very specific story that speaks to extraterrestrials, glam rock and social taboo. TO BE VIEWED WITH MAXIMUM VOLUME. 😉


🖼📈 Art affects the atmosphere of a space.

Why is it that spas display artwork of calm and serene settings? Because these kinds of works can affect the atmosphere of a room. Art and imagery can evoke a spectrum of feelings. It can invigorate and stimulate just as well as it can relax and ease. Is your workspace too chaotic? Consider something tranquil and still. And if energy is what you need, consider something with colour! Look at the colour-FULL work of Tanmay Upadhyaya.


"A New York Whiteout" acrylic on canvas (24"x 32") $300

Dreary work spaces don’t stand a chance against this vibrant and joyous work. 

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Did we miss any other benefits of art? Have you tried this? We’d love to hear from anyone who has an art-in-the-office success story!


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